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IB Chem 1

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IB Chemistry 1 3rd period


1st quarter daily agenda log:


Thurs 8/10

Essential Question:Balance and determine type of reaction:  C3H8  + O2à   CO2+ H2O


     1. Fill out student information sheet 2.  Class policies 3.  CW: Balancing equations practice


Fri 8/11

Essential Question: State the type, predict the products, and balance the following reaction. Add the sum of the coefficients for the final answer.

     K(s) + Br2(l) à 


     1.Due: clinic card 2.Due: CW- Balancing equations practice 3.CW: Practice predicting products & types 4.HW: Q’s for Ch 8 sec 2 pg. 264/284







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