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IB Chem 2

Page history last edited by Carrie Schultz 2 years, 7 months ago

IB Chemistry 2 1st period:


Class agenda log:


Thurs 8/10   IB Chem1st per 

Essential Question:Give the formula of the conjugate acid of OH-


     1.Fill out student information sheet 2.Class policies 3.Review Q’s for acids & bases (ppt)


     Fri 8/11 1st per

Essential Question:A sample of blood at 298 K has

[H+] = 4.60 x 10-8mol dm-3.

Calculate the concentration of OH- and state whether the blood is acidic, neutral, or basic.


       1.Video: Acids & bases (Thornley) 2.HW: Q’s pgs. 318-319 do #10-13








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