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 Mrs. Schultz's Science Class  PBWorks Page for Southeast High School 2018-19  Go NOLES! 



Daily agenda Log for 2nd quarter all science classes with Mrs. Schultz: 


Starting Tues 10/16: The daily class agenda is written on the board each class. Email or call Mrs. Schultz if you have any questions about what occurred in class.  Assignments will post in FOCUS as well.

Call SEHS 741-3366 x2129

email Mrs. Schultz:  schultzc@manateeschools.net




Physical Science 2nd, 3rd, & 5th periods:


WOW words:  

Week of October 15 - 26













Week of October 29 – November 9














Cornell notetaking

Cornell Notetaking

print out this paper to use for Cornell notetaking 

cornell note paper.pdf




Class notes:

Quarter 2:

3-1 speed problems WS.doc  

3-2 acceleration problems.doc

3-4 Notes Connecting Forces with motion.doc

3-5 Notes Gravity.doc

Quarter 1:

Ch1a Exploring Science.ppt

Ch 1b SI system.ppt

Ch 1 extra help with SI Units.ppt

Ch1 extra help Science is Everywhere!.ppt

Ch1 extra help process of science.ppt

Graphing powerpoint.pptx



Chemistry I notes below:

Note taking strategy:

Cornell Notetaking

print out this paper to use for Cornell notetaking 

cornell note paper.pdf


Class Notes:


 Ch 1 & 2 Notes Inroduction to Chemistry.pptx

  Lab equipment names.pdf

  Ch 3 Scientific Measurements and Calculations Pearson.pptx  

  Ch 4 Atomic Stucture Pearson student notes.pptx

practice Q's Ch 4 test:

Ch 4 section 3 Pearson Isotopes Qwizdom.pptx

 Chapter 5 More for Quantum theory light wavelengths(1).pptx                    

 Chapter 5 Electrons in atoms Pearson.pptx                         

practice Q's for Ch 5 test

:Ch 5 Qwizdom BEST Review questions.pptx

 Ch 6 Periodic Table Chem I PIB HON.pptx

practice Ch 6 questions for the test:

Ch 6 review qwizdom Periodic Table.pptx

More practice Ch 6 questions:

Ch 6 Periodic Table Qwizdom review Q_27s with student fill in notes.pptx  

 Ch 7 Ionic Compounds.pptx

Ch 7 Ionic Compounds quizdom questions AA compounds only.pptx


  Ch 8 Covalent Bonding Pearson.pptx           

  Ch 8 Covalent Bonding Pearson Review Qwizdom.pptx  

  Ch 9 Naming acids.pptx

  Ch 10 Moles Chem Quantities.ppt

 Practice questions for mole concept:  

 Ch 10 moles Qwizdom.pptx

Ch 11 Notes:  Ch 11 Chemical Reactions ppt.ppt

Ch 12 Ch 12 Stoichiometry 2015(1).ppt





*If this is not updated when you check, then please email me at schultzc@manateeschools.net and you can call 941-741-3366 x2129




All students at SEHS are eligible to receive tutoring.  Students may register at studybuddyhelp.org by clicking the green registration button in the upper right corner and selecting “Student interested in receiving homework help.” Please have them enter our four-letter school code: SOUT 



*If this is not updated when you check, then please email me at schultzc@manateeschools.net and you can call 941-741-3366 x2129




IB Chemistry 1 4th and 1st period: IB Chem 1


IA materials for IB seniors (good for juniors to practice IA work for IB)

Student IA Lab Report Format.pdf 

Rubric for IA chemistry.pdf 

Rubric for IA chemistry for grading.


IB Chemistry- IA Rules.pptx

IB chemistry IA report format 2018.docx 

IA example #1.pdf IA-Checklist.doc Chemistry_Internal_Assessment rubric for assessing points.pdf 


Science Fair applies to Juniors and seniors only:

STEM fair:

3 necessary forms & directions:  https://student.societyforscience.org/intel-isef-forms



Topic 1 Quantitative Chemistry (Stoichiometry):

data booklet 2016.pdf

Gas Laws (included in topic one IB chemistry).ppt

topic one notes Stoichiometry, empirical formulas, molar concentration.ppt

2016 Topic 1 Outline.docx

TOPIC1QuantitativeQ&A practice Q's 2016.rtf

Fill in notes starting Tues 9/19 & Thurs 9/21 Topic 1 part 2 student fill in notes stoichiometry.docx

Use this powerpoint for the fil in notes Tues 9/19 & Thurs 9/21 Topic 1 part 2 notes stoichiometry and review.pptx

Key to Exam style Q's pgs. 51-53 http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/media/IB_chem2_5_assess_T1.pdf 


Topic 2 Atomic structure


Student fill in notes for topic 2:Topic 2 Student fill in notes atomic structure.docx

Powerpoints for Topic 2:  Topic 2 notes part 1 Atomic structure.pptx Topic 2 notes part 3 & 4 Atomic structure.pptx


Answer key for Q's pg. 80-81 Exam style questions for Topic 2 Atomic Structure




The Ultimate Student_27s Guide to AP Chemistry 2016.pdf


More topic 2 posted 12/5/18 Wed - Video questions for topic 2 Richard Thornley.docx

SoutheastAtomicTheory Professor Stu Nagourney 2018.ppt

atomic structure lecture quiz Stu Nagourney Oct 16 2018.docx

Atoms and Ions Worksheet topic IB chemistry.doc

helpful websites for topic.docx

Test Topic 2 atomic structure test B 10-24-17.pdf

Key to test topic 2 from Tues 10-24-17.pdf


Topic 3 Periodic Table:


Topic 3 Periodic Table fill in notes for students.docx

Topic 3 Periodic Table part 1 powerpoint notes.pptx

Topic 3 Periodic Table part 2 powerpoint notes.pptx

Topic 3 Periodic Table part 3 powerpoint notes.pptx

Topic 3 Periodic Table part 4.pptx


Topic 3 Periodic Table Q's and A's SL.rtf


Topic 3 Periodic Table practice questions HL.rtf


Topic 3 review qwizdom Periodic Table IB chemistry 2016.pptx

Key to Cambridge Exam style questions: http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/media/IB_chem2_5_assess_T3.pdf

**Use this to review for the testhttp://southeast.smartbacc.com/ 


Topic 4 bonding


Student fill in notes Topic 4 Topic 4 bonding student fill in notes.doc


Topic 4 notes part 1 ionic bonding.pptx

Topic 4 part 2 shapes polarity.pptx

Topic 4 part 3 sp3d2 delocalization.pptx

Topic 4 _part 4_intermolecular_forces.pptx

Topic 4_part 5_metals_physical_properties.pptx

WS Allotropes of carbon.docx

Khan Academy quiz for hybridization:



Kahoot practice hybridization:



Kahoot for Topic 4/14 practice Q's




Practice_Topic_4_Test_bonding questions only.pdf

Practice_Topic_4_Test_bonding with key.pdf


Key to exam style questions in Cambridge textbook:



Key to Topic 4 test bonding Wed 1-31-18.pdf


Chemistry material for review and studying:

Crash course chemistry videos:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dPuuaLjXtPHzzYuWy6fYEaX9mQQ8oGr


Topic 5 Energetics

Topic 5 Student fill in notes for energetics.doc

Topic 5 notes part1 heat calorim.pptx

Topic 5 notes part2 bond enthalpy hess.pptx

Topic 5 notes part3 energy cycles.pptx

Topic 5 notes part4 entropy spontaneity.pptx

Key for Exam style questions pgs. 235-238 #1-14:


Practice_Test_for_Topic_5_Thermochemistry 2018.pdf

KEY for Practice_Test_for_Topic_5_Thermochemistry 2018.pdf


Topic 6 Kinetics

How to speed up a chemical reaction: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=collision+theory+%2b+ted+talks&view=detail&mid=B833E8CB255278959028B833E8CB255278959028&FORM=VIRE


 Topic 6 Kinetics Student fill in notes.doc

Topic 6 part 1 notes reaction rates.pptx

 Topic 6 notes part2 rate laws.pptx Topic 6 notes part3 mechanisms.pptx  

Rate laws help from Albert.io: https://www.albert.io/blog/how-to-determine-rate-laws-for-ap-chemistry/?utm_source=sendy&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ap-chemistry-subscriber

key for Topic 6 Exam style questions on pgs. 272-275 http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/media/IB_chem2_5_assess_T6.pdf

Videos link for Khan academy Kinetics https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry/chem-kinetics/reaction-rates/v/rate-of-reaction

Videos link for Thornely's Kinetics Topic 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuElPE0Heaw

Videos link for Thornely's Topic 16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sMFJMuZzmg


Practice Test Q's for Topic 6 Practice_Questions_Topic_6_Kinetics 2017.pdf

KEY for Topic 6 practice test Q's Practice_Questions_Topic_6_Kinetics KEY.pdf

Topic 6 test Key from Wed 4/5/17Test Topic 6 Kinetics Wed 4-5-17 Key.pdf  


Topic 7 Equilibrium

Topic 7 fill in blank notes for equilibrium.doc Topic 7 notes equilibrium.pptx

Key for 38 mark practice for Topic 7 Equilibrium.pdf

Qwizdom remotes Q's for topic 7 equilibrium:

Topic 7 Equilibrium Qwizdom remotes part 1.ppt Topic 7 Part 2 Qwizdom remotes Equilibrium.ppt

Key to Exam style Q's pgs. 303-306: http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/media/IB_chem2_5_assess_T7.pdf


IB Chemistry 3 7th period:IB Chem 


IA materials for IB seniors:

Student IA Lab Report Format.pdf Rubric for IA chemistry.pdf Rubric for IA chemistry for grading.pdf IB Chemistry- IA Rules.pptx IB chemistry IA report format 2018.docx IA example #1.pdf IA-Checklist.doc Chemistry_Internal_Assessment rubric for assessing points.pdf 

Science Fair applies to Juniors and seniors only:

STEM fair:

3 necessary forms & directions:  https://student.societyforscience.org/intel-isef-forms



Topic 8 Acid Base

Topic 8 fill in blank student notes acid & base.docx Topic 8 part 1 notes acid base theory.pptx Topic 8 notes part 2 pH.pptx Topic 8 notes part 3 weak a b.pptx Topic 8 notes part 4 buffers.pptx

How to calculate pH in chemistry:  https://www.albert.io/blog/how-to-calculate-ph-in-chemistry/?utm_source=sendy&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ap-sciences-blog-subscriber

Key to 52 Q's practice test for topic 8: Topic 8 practice test Q's Key.pdf

Topic 8 Exam style Q's key Cambridge text pgs. 362-365 http://ibdiploma.cambridge.org/media/IB_chem2_5_assess_T8.pdf 

pH and pKa relationship: Henderson-Hasslebach equation:  https://www.thoughtco.com/the-ph-and-pka-relationship-603643 

buffer solutions: http://www.chemguide.co.uk/physical/acidbaseeqia/buffers.html 

Making a buffer solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOQF2OQqy1M 

Calculating the pH of a buffer solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkdzVqKTtws 

Additional practice Q's and A's (from AP chem) https://usjbruins.org/about/web-sites/mullins/AP%20Chapter%2014%20Review%20Packet%20Multiple%20Choice%20Answers.pdf 

Videos: Topic 8/18 Thornley: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL816Qsrt2Os3LlfV_1vABej50rNdBRRu5


Topic 9 redox

Topic 9 fill in student notes redox.doc

Topic 9 notes part 1 redox.pptx

Topic 9 notes part 2 electrochem.pptx

Key to Exam style questions from book





Topic 10 organic chemistry

Notes topic 10 organic student fill in.doc  Topic 10 organic notes_part1_naming.pptx Topic 10 organic_notes_part2_isomers.pptx

Topic 10 organic notes_part3_alkane_alkene_rxns.pptx Topic 10 organic notes_part4_OH_rxns_substitution.pptx

Topic 10 organic notes_part5_SN12_elim_condens.pptx

Key to Exam style questions pgs. 501-504



KEY 20_Practice_written_questions_organic_chemistry (1).pdf


Topic 11 measurement and data processing

Topic 11 measurement and data processing student fill in notes.docx

Topic 11 part 1 mass spec NMR IR.pptx

Topic 11 part 2.pptx

Topc 11 part 3 chromatography.pptx

Key to Exam style questions pgs. 548-554


How to analyze the peaks of H-NMR video:


Thornley videos for Topic 11/21:


KEY for practice Q's given before Spring Break:

KEY Practice_Topic_11_questions 2018.pdf


Option C Energy


Thornley videos for Option C







Chemistry exams (paper 1 from 2017)

2017 Chemistry_paper_1__TZ1_HL.pdf

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